As classes are currently not taking place, I've removed the Timetable page from this website. However, it's useful to give you here some idea of what to expect from my sessions when they do recommence!


All classes are one hour or 55 minutes in duration. 


Gentle Aerobics is mostly standing, but the last 20 minutes is seated exercise. Chairobics is seated exercise throughout.

The Keep Fit class is mostly standing exercise, and allows participants a choice of using a mat or a chair for the final exercises and stretches.

All of the above classes are suitable for beginners and improvers.


My Body Conditioning classes involve cardio and strength work. Many participants use handweights for the main section to add resistance and difficulty. The classes are aimed at improvers, but cater for a range of levels because alternative moves are provided so you can work to your own ability.

We finish with a 15 minute mat session, mainly for abs and stretching. 


My Pilates classes involve mat work for the bulk of the class but the first 20/25 minutes is a standing warm up, and standing Pilates exercises. Some classes are pitched at a harder level and some are more suitable for beginners, so contact me if you wish to discuss your options.


My Big Ball Workout (BB Workout) uses large stability balls. It's a core strength, tone and balance class, with some gentle aerobic work. It's tough but great fun! Be prepared to work your way up gradually because even those with excellent core strength can be challenged by this class! 


With all of my classes, the best advice is to work to your own level.



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